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Universal Pass
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Online registration, login, and status checking for the universal pass At a period when the corona virus was rapidly spreading, several regulations were implemented in various states to stop the spread of the infection. Thus, the Maharashtra government has begun accepting registrations for the 2023 Universal Travel Permit online. In addition to Maharashtra, numerous other states have also adopted Universal Travel Pass forms at the same time. Many people in the nation have received the corona vaccine in both doses. A Universal Travel Permit can be created for persons who have taken both doses and are performing the necessary service. They won’t have any trouble getting around as a result.

A evidence that you received both doses of the COVID vaccine is the Universal Travel Pass. the pass that you can use to travel everywhere in India. The Maharashtra government issued this pass as a result of the covid’s significant effects. The Maharashtra government made a wise decision by implementing the universal travel permit. If you like, I can make you a universal pass. On the official website, you can then submit an application. You can access the official website at epassmsdma.mahait.org. We will discuss how to apply for a travel pass, the benefits of a travel pass, and how to obtain the e-pass in this article. a complete guide to the Universal Pass

Universal Pass

You can travel without any restrictions using this pass. Indeed, if you don’t have this pass, the government and the railway department say you can’t buy a ticket. You may obtain this pass if you have gotten the Covid-19 vaccine in both doses. This information is solely for you if you intend to apply for this pass as well. By using these steps, you can submit an application for a Universal Travel Pass.

The government and the Railway Department have made it plain that non-universal pass holders will not be permitted to purchase tickets. By scanning the QR code included on the Universal Travel Card, you can access all the state’s citizen-related data. Citizens will receive better service while purchasing tickets and travelling throughout the state thanks to the Universal Travel Card.

Service NameUniversal Travel Pass
Launched byMaharashtra Government
AuthorityDisaster Management, Relief & Rehabilitation Department, Government of Maharashtra
Eligibility to get the UTPMentioned below
Purpose of issuing the UTPTo allow Intrastate as well as Interstate Movement amidst Restrictions
Permission also includesMaharashtra Local Train and Buses Travel
CategorySarkari Yojana
Universal Travel Pass Registration Form 2023Available on epassmsdma.mahait.org
Type of PassQR Code
Official websiteEpassmsdma.mahait.org

Universal Travel Pass eligibility requirements

  • To apply for UTP, you must be a Maharashtra resident.
  • You cannot apply for UTP as a child.
  • Only those who work in the healthcare, education, or public sector are eligible to qualify for UTP.
  • To qualify for UTP, you must fall under one of the qualified categories or subcategories.
  • You must have all the information needed by the government if you wish to register for UTP.

Sign In for a Universal Pass

You must first make an account on the official website in order to purchase a universal travel pass. The overview table includes a link to the official website. You must register on the official website in order to sign in with your Universal Travel Pass. You must first go the official website and then select the registration tab. You must establish your I’d. The registration number and password will now be sent to you. One can sign in with a universal travel pass here. You can now download the Pass.

A Universal Travel Pass’s features

The Government of Maharashtra’s Disaster Management, Relief & Rehabilitation Department has authorised local train travel for the general public who have received both doses of the corona vaccination. For this, offline verification of immunisation records at Mumbai train stations served as the launch point for the issuance of railway passes.

Following offline, the option of online e-pass is now also available, and the administration has created the website epassmsdma.mahit.org for this purpose. This website link was created by the Disaster Management, Relief & Rehabilitation Department of the Government of Maharashtra to offer the e-pass facility to the workers performing critical services and other residents so they won’t encounter any difficulties while commuting in the city or state.

Universal Travel E Pass

The following information will be on an E pass Universal Pass. By using the procedure outlined in the following topic, you can apply for it. The indicated point will be mentioned in your E pass if you acquire the universal E pass. You must match the information below. If everything goes smoothly, your pass will be available.

  • Name of the Universal Travel Pass holder
  • Picture of the UTP holder
  • Travel category level
  • Applicant’s beneficiary ID
  • QR code
  • Date of the first and second dose of covid
  • Gender of the UTP holder
  • Age of the Universal Travel Pass holder
  • vaccination

How to Register Online for a Universal Travel Pass in 2023?

  • You must first visit the epassmsdma.mahit.org official website to obtain the Universal Travel Pass.
  • The next step is to select the Universal Pass option. Remember that only the citizen who has taken both dosages is eligible for this option.
  • Now that you’ve entered your phone number, an OTP will be sent to that number; input it.
  • The unique feature is that the required information, including your required date, is automatically obtained by the epassmsdma.mahit.org.
  • To apply for a Universal Travel Pass, select Generate Pass after which your registration will be complete.

How to Check Epassmsdma.mahait.org’s Travel Pass Status ?

Use the following procedures to log in to the Epassmsdma.mahait.org website issued by the Maharashtra government:

  • Visit the official website at Epassmsdma.mahait.org.
  • Click the Login option here, then enter your Username and Password.
  • Check the Captcha that appears on the screen now, and carefully type it into the space provided.
  • Following that, simply click Sign In to log in to this website.

Universal Pass Download 

The Overview table includes a download link for the Universal Travel Pass. Below is the link to the official webpage. The actions that are demonstrated below must be followed if you want to download the pass. There is also a download link for the Universal Pass. You may quickly download the global travel pass by simply following these instructions. You only need to complete this step on the official Travel Pass website.

  • Activate the webpage
  • The “Download Travel Pass” link should be selected.
  • Please enter your mobile number when a new page appears.
  • A One-Time Password (OTP) will then be generated on your phone number at this point.
  • Following that, you must enter this OTP to confirm your mobile number. Your photo must now be uploaded.
  • You can print your travel pass after downloading the Pass.
Official Websiteepassmsdma.mahait.org

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